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MBN Members to save $85* – $100** + on self-care series
As a professional who navigates the stress of our fast-paced (and unpredictable) world, your resilience is a high-priority business issue.

In support of your best intentions for the new year, MBN members will receive a special

 15% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT off the total package price* of the
‘Fill Up My Cup – Journey of Self-Care’ mini urban retreat series
(valid until midnight, Monday 25 January).
**For additional savings on booking fees, see below.

 When we plan for and invest in self-care (quality sleep, nutrition, exercise, play and engaging in the things that have meaning for us), we have: 

  • The self-control to manage our reactions,
  • The energy to be fully present,
  • The patience to listen and empathise and
  • The wherewithal to reject our defaults and make good decisions.

This series of 3 x 1/2 mini urban retreats take place in Elwood: 13 February, 13 March and 10 April.
Please note that attendance is strictly limited.

For more information and to register using a credit card:

The discount is valid until midnight on January 25th. General ticket sales end on 11 February.

 *Package fee details:
Series fee: $499

  • MBN 15% discount: $74.85
  •       Add Eventbrite booking fee: $22.20
  •       Subtotal: Fee $499 – less $74.85 discount + $22.20 booking fee = $446.35
  •       Add 10% GST to Subtotal: $466.35 + $44.64 = $490.99
  •       TOTAL: $490.99

Regular Fee: $577.43 (including Eventbrite booking fee + GST)
MBN Fee: $490.99
MBN Saving: $86.44 ($577.43 – $490.99 = $86.44)

**Extra $22.20 savings for MBN Members:
To save the Eventbrite booking fee, book directly with Angela to receive a tax invoice and pay via EFT Bank Transfer.
Please contact Angela directly on 0404 912 804.

Please click here:  flyer (PDF) including members discount.
Contact: angela@collectiveintelligence.net.au