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2022 Alan Knipe Innovation Award




Create a Word or PDF document which addresses the following judging criteria.
We recommend at least 100-200 words for each of the 8 criteria areas:

Then, submit your application here, attaching the document you create, to the nomination form.



1. Company Overview:
Briefly describe your organisation and the product or service you offer. Background and a succinct overview of the product or service offering.

2. Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive advantage:
What is unique about your offering? What makes people purchase / use your organisation’s product or service over another?

3. Target Market:
Who are your customers and where do they come from?
Outline any characteristic that distinguishes your target market from others, eg. where they live or work, age-group, business sector, buying behaviour etc. You may include figures or market research to demonstrate.

4. Distribution Channels:
How do you sell or distribute your organisation’s product or service? This could be one or a combination of: direct via shop front or office, via third party re-sellers, online, etc. Any analysis you can provide around this will help.

5. Growth Projection:
What are your growth projections for the next 1 – 3 years? Please explain the basis on which these assumptions are made. These may include current & projected annual turnover, market share, staff numbers, increased / differentiated offering.

6. Promotional Strategy:
How do you promote your organisation’s product or service? How do your customers know about your product offering?

7. Your Business Story:
Understanding that pro-forma questions don’t always give you the opportunity to represent your business and its unique offering in the way you’d always like, please take this opportunity to provide us with more information. How did COVID change your business strategy? The business story could be a ‘case study; story from a client / partner / supplier; vignette of your experiences / journey; or an example of how or where your business has made a difference to someone, somehow, somewhere. (500 words)

8. Specific Innovation Award Criteria:
What innovation (product, procedure etc.) has your organisation introduced? Describe how your innovation is unique/different to other competitors. In your response outline what problem it has solved, or situation it has improved. (150 words)
Is this a completely ‘new’ innovation (invention); an incremental innovation (enhancement or current product, service, or procedure); or are you incorporating expertise / developments made by others into your own? (150 words)


Complete your application by attaching this document to the nomination form